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Meet Gabby

Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, mom and motivational speaker

Building community and helping people see their genius is one of my superpowers. I knew I had it since I was a young girl. You see, I am not your average 27 year old. I am the daughter of a Colombian immigrant and a scandanavian mother. 

You might be wondering what that even has to do with community, so let me explain.

My father's Colombian roots meant I had a huge Colombian family that I would spend every single weekend with as I was growing up. Sancocho, making arepas with my mamita, family parties, they were the norm.

 I was able to experience true happiness without any mention of worry of money, I always knew their presence was always the present. They were starting from scratch as immigrants, and were doing the best with what they had.

My mother's Norwegian and Scandanavian roots meant her family had been in the U.S. for generations with more established financial security and extensive education.

I like to say I was raised in two different worlds, one where love was the language, and another where there was never enough money. My dad had me reading and working on my mindset from a very young age, and I was always on teams playing sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, track (you name it LOL!).

The result?

A young woman who knows that she is unstoppable. She knows that money will help you live a great life, but that succeeding in a team with friends and family will always sweeten the deal. 

I know that you can succeed. I know that your business and your genius are solely YOURS and is likely so unique, that if you only claimed all the amazing things about you, you would see how unstoppable you are.

So if you read this far, CONGRATS, I officially love you!! I also think that maybe you have a story worth sharing, maybe, just maybe, you can be a leader of your generation.

So join us inside NGN, where we bend the status quo, create businesses that leave us fulfilled, and do it all with our amazing business family.

There came a point in my life when I decided there was NO PLAN B. I was going to change the world, and I would be a leader of my generation.

Gabby Braddock



Your Girl Gabby B.

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