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Our Mission

The Next Generation Network strives to equip women entrepreneurs and small business owners with the necessary tools and resources to build an unstoppable network.

What makes NGN different?

So you're looking for networking opportunities to:

  1. Expand your current audience by collaborating with aligned business owners

  2. Explore new relationships that could lead to conversions, connections, or collaboration

  3. Meet awesome business owners who can relate to your struggles and needs

The list goes on and on.. networking is an amazing tool and at NGN, we like to finetune it to ensure it meets your needs!

Networking with a twist!

Both our in-person and virtual networking events are high energy with no judgement. Come dressed as YOU, makeup or no makeup, hair down or messy bun, we want to ensure you feel comfortable when networking! Whether you've had a bad day, or a great one, our networking events aim to be the event you use to end or start the day on a high note.


Speed Networking 

Our speed networking sessions are biweekly and allow you 1:1 time to fellow women in business! This is a unique format where you get to meet 4-6 business owners all within 1 hour! We introduce ourselves, move through our breakout sessions, and then share our wins and areas where we need support! 


Collaboration Over Competition

Being an NGN member means you value collaboration and you know the value of coming together to host classes, lives, events, and referring potential clients to each other. We don't do it because we HAVE to, we do it because we WANT to!


Growth Takes Time!

NGN members aren't here for a one size fits all approach to business, they know that real growth and real relationships take time to build! 

Become a Member Today!

Either fill out the membership application on our "Join Our Network" page or click the button below!

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