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The Network for Women Entrepreneurs

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A network created to position your business for success by building your professional network.

Our network believes in and advocates for equality, inclusion, and diversity for women entrepreneurs.

Your business is doing amazing work, now we just need to increase your visibility through networking.

Who is NGN for? It is for the woman who feels like she has such a story to share, such a business to build, such a dream to achieve, that she knows she can't possibly do it alone.


She's been through it while building her business! She's stepped into rooms where she saw little to no diversity and wants to be a part of big change in the world.

She values her time, her relationships, and is no stranger to hard work.

NGN Members vary across different industries but are usually service providers, strategists, coaches, and consultants. We are the middle ground. 

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What's Included?



Through our biweekly networking calls, you meet more amazing women in business in only 1 hour! Don't worry about filling your calendar up with networking calls, let NGN help you network and maintain your networking!



We know how overwhelming it can be to build, maintain, and then scale a business. So whereever you land, we are here to keep you consistent in your networking efforts. A great business is nothing without word of mouth and referrals, so let NGN help you stay consistent!



You might be looking for help with boosting your visibility and awareness. How in the world will you find and keep consistent clients? Our members consistently collaborate with each other. NGN also shares podcast, speaking opportunities, and grant opportunities so you are always on your A-Game!

What Members Say

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"My experience with NGN is one of compassion, collaboration and support. A space that's dedicated to providing a heart centered way to grow your business. I have immense love for this Community we need more people like Gabby and her tribe leading the way to better businesses. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

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"I really enjoyed the time I was part of NGN and getting to meet so many amazing entrepreneurs. It was truly inspiring being around like minded individuals. My one on ones with Gabby were extremely helpful and eye opening.

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I am so excited to be part of NGN. I truly feel welcomed here and supported as an individual and business owner. The relationships I've built through NGN has helped me feel connected to a caring community of women who believe in their purpose. I've learned to care about what others do instead of just offering my services and somehow has boosted my confidence in socializing and building relationships. And Gabby... She is just a spark of joy in all of our lives. She is a leader who truly cares about others and will get you connected to people who share your passion...


for Daily Tips 

and get access to your first speed networking call for free!

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Meet Our Founder - Gabby

Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner,

mom and Connector

NGN is dedicated to creating a safe space for women entrepreneurs and small business owners to build relationships and meaningful connections. Through years of building community and fostering relationships, Gabby stepped out and created her own network. Built for motivated women who are not only building businesses, but leaving legacies.


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