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Attend The
Next Generation Summit on 08/16
in Metuchen, NJ!

Your Time is Now

This summit is where you will listen, learn, and meet from top entrepreneurs in the Tri-State area. Those that have pushed past the limits of what is possible and have built the businesses of their dreams and they are going to teach you the strategies and steps they took. You will also gain access to priceless resources to help you get funding for your small business.

Who is this summit for?  Female entrepreneurs and founders who come from diverse backgrounds and have a heart to serve and lead. Whether you are building your business, side hustle, or work in corporate, come make connections and learn from fellow leaders and business owners in the tri-state and beyond! 

Your mission is BIG and your network and knowledge base needs to be big too. I bet you know your business is going to (and already is) changing the world, one client at at a time, you belong here! Your time is now. You just need help understanding how to build a business that is sustainable, profitable, and gives you the freedom to do more of what you love. View our event timeline by clicking the button below and see how we will help you build the foundation of your business! Women business owners are teaming up to deliver an incredible summit and an exclusive VIP dinner on the August 17th from 6-9PM.

We are seeking sponsors, exhibitors, and in-kind contributions to our VIP bags. Click the link below to inquire!

Are you ready to position your business for success? 

The Next Generation Network strives to equip women entrepreneurs and small business owners with the necessary tools and resources to build an unstoppable network.


NGN serves entrepreneurs and small business owners of all levels. Educating on business operations, funding, and connecting them directly to the source of their needs to solve their issues. lf you have been seeking a community of women business owners who are changemakers, you belong in NGN.

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Meet Our Founder - Gabby

Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner,

Mom and Connector

NGN is dedicated to creating a safe space for women entrepreneurs and small business owners to build relationships and meaningful connections. Through years of building community and fostering relationships, Gabby stepped out and created her own network. Built for motivated women who are not only building businesses, but leaving legacies.


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